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Enable certificate revocation in Chrome

Given the latest Heartbleed vulnerability it is a good time to have Chrome check for SSL revocation.


  1. Visit your settings your settings
  2. Click “Advanced Settings” Show advanced settings
  3. Enable “Check for server certificate revocation” Check for server certificate revocation
comments · posted on April 08 2014
August 30 2013

How to delete all (or most) jobs from a beanstalk tube from the shell

How to delete all (or most) jobs from a beanstalk tube from the shell

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How to have two git repositories in the same directory

Managing your dotfiles with symlinks sucks, so does copy-paste. Keeping ~/ in a .git repository works for me, but I also wanted to version my .ssh/ directory, and my PGP files. Since I share my dotfiles, they obviously cannot be in the same repository. Read more...

posted on September 13 2011

How to Create a Secure Git Repository on a Shared Server

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